Hi, my name is Lara aka “Chloe”, I am a 20 year old girl, I’m Lebanese. I studied accounting before, and currently studying Radio and TV in the Lebanese International University, now I’m in third year. I made a lot of projects and short films in the past two years, and learned a lot, hopefully in the future i will be showing my work here. Other than that, i love music, acting, dancing, playing basketball, and writing stories. I have to say that all the passion that I have in life and in my work is because of the eastern culture, like (Korea, China, Japan, Thailand..), since I was 9 years old up until now, I always only watched Asian movies, drama, songs, and learned a lot about their culture, I can say I’m pretty much knowledgeable about most of things there. That was a little intro about me, hope everyone a good day.